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Here is where IT security and society truly intersect. Here is where we discuss the impact that technology and cybersecurity - or the lack off - has on our everyday life.

Here is where we look at all of the connected things;, where we raise our voice and call for awareness, where education for information security, privacy, and cyber safety take center stage.

This is where we tell institutions, businesses, organizations, parents, kids, educators, and the whole society that it is time to wake up and learn how to live with the future. 

Because there is not better place than here, and no better time than now. 

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Rouman Ebrahim describes some cybercrime trends he sees as deputy district attorney for LA County

As deputy district attorney in the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office - Cyber Crime Division, Rouman Ebrahim sees a lot of cybercrime. In this interview with ITSPmagazine's Sean Martin, Ebrahim describes some of the trends he sees. Here are a few examples he covers during the interview:
- Former street gang members are moving into cybercrime - it appears to be a very lucrative business.
- The DA's office is seeing a lot of "credit line bust out” cases and combination cases involving identity theft and fuel theft; delays in regulatory compliance at fuel stations coupled with advancements in technology makes these crimes easier for criminals to commit.
- When is the only time you should use your debit card? Ebrahim shares his advice plus offers some other tips to help protect your identity, credit line, and your ability to access your cash.

Jeremiah Grossman shares his personal advice about living - and even dying - at the intersection of IT Security & Society. 

Jeremiah Grossman, Chief of Security Strategy at SentinelOne, talks with Sean Martin from ITSPmagazine about living our lives securely - and passing on securely - as the digital world continues to evolve. Get Jeremiah's personal tips on home network security, password management, and more, in this exclusive ITSPmagazine An InfoSec Life interview. If you've never heard of someone getting "chipped".... tune in here to learn more.

Chris Roberts chats with ITSPmagazine about cyber security VS. cyber safety, artificial intelligence, privacy and other "fun" stuff.

Chris Roberts chats with ITSPmagazine's founders Marco Ciappelli and Sean Martin about raising awareness and helping people use their technology more securely. We discuss perceptions and responsibility and how machine learning and artificial intelligence can help us be more secure if we surrender ourselves to it. The question is, are we already surrendering too much? We also ponder two other ideas... is the word "security" lost on society - would the word "safety" suit us better? And, last but not least, is there a big marketing value in having a certified "CyberSafe" product?

A curated selection of articles that get me musing

Tech was once always in your way. Soon, it will be almost invisible
by Walt Mossberg | The Verge

This is my last weekly column for The Verge and Recode — the last weekly column I plan to write anywhereI’ve been doing these almost every week since 1991, starting at The Wall Street Journal, and during that time, I’ve been fortunate enough to get to know the makers of the tech revolution, and to ruminate — and sometimes to fulminate — about their creations.

Now, as I prepare to retire at the end of that very long and world-changing stretch, it seems appropriate to ponder the sweep of consumer technology in that period, and what we can expect next.


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My Life as a Robot
by Emily Dreyfuss | Wired

I HAVE BEEN part robot since May. Instead of legs, I move on gyroscopically stabilized wheels. Instead of a face, I have an iPad screen. Instead of eyes, a camera with no peripheral vision. Instead of a mouth, a speaker whose volume I can’t even gauge with my own ears. And instead of ears, a tinny microphone that crackles and hisses with every high note.

I’m a remote worker...
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