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“If you think technology can
solve your security problems, then you don’t understand the problems and you don’t understand the technology.”

– Bruce Schneier

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IoT Security Explained | Because This IoT Connected Society Is Not Just Unicorns Pooping Rainbows

We are fascinated, intrigued, and mesmerized by it; we have always been. We want the latest gadget; we want to plug it in, see the lights turn on, and discover how great it is. The problem nowadays is that more and more of these new gadgets need an electric plug and an Internet connection – and while this raises the level of its awesomeness, it also complicates things A LOT.
by Marco Ciappelli

Making Our Lives – Our World – Healthier | Are We Doing Enough To Protect Health Records?

Health data is some of the most important, sensitive, and valuable information available. This information is critical in providing health services, of course, but is also valuable in other ways; for criminal and fraudulent purposes. The question is, are we doing enough as an industry to help protect this data from all aspects of the security CIA triad? Gerard Scheitlin, the Chief Risk Officer and chief of security, risk and assurance for Orion Health, explores this topic with us.
by Sean Martin, CISSP

A DiverseIT Podcast and Chronicle | Cybersecurity And Autism: The Values Are Obvious

Michael Fieldhouse, Director for Emerging Businesses and Cybersecurity at DXC Technology, and Marian Merritt, Lead for Industry Engagement at the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education, chat with ITSPmagazine’s Selena Templeton for the Diverse IT podcast about hiring people with autism in the IT/cybersecurity workforce.
by Selena Templeton

Thank You For Your Service | How Military Veterans Transition To Civilian Cybersecurity

One of the toughest challenges facing military veterans is making the transition to civilian life. It’s difficult for many of them to see how their military training translates into a civilian career, and the process of job hunting can be daunting. There's hope though; and this program is one example of good things happening in the industry.
by Stephan Tallent

Playing a Better Hand Than Your Opponent | Ransomware Always Tips Its Hand

Ransomware creates turmoil every day – for individuals and for enterprises. But there is encouraging news. Ransomware, by its very nature, tips its hand with characteristics that make it predictable and recognizable. These distinct features enable advanced security tools to detect and defeat ransomware before files are frozen and ransoms demanded.
by Engin Kirda


A Cybersecurity Webinar For SMBs | Prologue

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Join us for this introductory webinar as we discuss:
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• A brief overview of the topics and calendar of events


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IoT Security Explained | Just Because Something Can Be Connected To The Internet, It Doesn’t Mean It Should

Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt is no way to mitigate risk in the application security and procurement process says Garry Kolb

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Privacy, Big Data, And The Right To Be Forgotten | The Moral Compass

Alex Horan from Onapsis shares ERP risk insights coming from continuous research his team does

Robert Feeney from Edgescan shares tips w/ Sean Martin to help researchers stand out

Tor Moström & Johan Wendt Explain Why It’s So Important To Teach Kids to Think Like Coders


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