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“This is The Tech Effect: the complacency driven by the complexity of the technology ecosystem, and a rejection of responsibility for individual and collective safety, security, and ethics. It’s time to take charge of our digital future.”


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Innovation is reshaping the world at an ever-increasing rate. Disruptors and visionaries across the globe are pushing the boundaries of science and technology, economics and industry, healthcare, policy, communications, and governance. From these advances emerge new career paths, educational disciplines, and opportunities for creation and discovery. 

But things don't always work the way we expect them to, and the consequences of disruption are impossible to predict. What is sacrificed for the sake of efficiency or convenience? Who gets to make that call? Whose fault is it when pre-teens get radicalized online, or health records get stolen? And whose job is it to prevent that from happening?  Is it even possible?   

Individuals, enterprises, and society writ large have the right and responsibility to proactively shape and secure the future, but our ability to do so is at risk. As technology continues to proliferate without being well understood, people who fall victim to its failure or misuse feel more and more disempowered to prevent future damage. This is The Tech Effect: the complacency driven by the complexity of the technology ecosystem, and a rejection of responsibility for individual and collective safety, security, and ethics. 

It’s time to take charge of our digital future.

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Ariel's Chronicles

Musing on The Tech Effect: There's No Time To Waste - It's Time To Take Action

The status quo for safety and security in the digital world (whatever that is or has been) is failing. Leaving it to the experts is not keeping us safe, as individuals, institutions, or a society. It's time for a change, time to drive new conversations. All of us at ITSPmagazine -- and many of you listening now -- are here because the need for these conversations is urgent. We didn't want to wait to get started, and that may mean that things aren't "perfect". We're figuring this out a bit as we go and we appreciate your patience... and your support!

Recent Episodes 


Episode V
The rise of the Internet - a conversation with information security veteran, Gabriel Lawrence

In our last episode, we learned about how we got from slide rules to cell phones. We talked about the origins of the Internet; this week, we talk about it’s rise. Our guest is 25-year information security veteran Gabriel Lawrence, and he told us that as ease of use and access changed, so did the threat model. How do we secure Pandora’s Box?

Episode IV
Rise of the Machines - Part One. (Yes, we went there.)

How did access to computers turn from a need, to a want, to an expectation and assumption? What drove these shifts? How has the technology held up as its use has changed over time?

We’ve got some answers, this week on The Tech Effect. Sam Visner, Georgetown University School of Foreign Services adjunct professor and Vice President/Manager of Cybersecurity and Resilience at ICF International guides us through the history of computing, from analog tables that calculated torpedo launch settings to the first networks, the monopoly and break-up of AT&T, and the rise of the commercial internet. We also have a few exciting announcements-- so tune in, and join the conversation at #TheTechEffect.

Episode III
Castles, Cars and Consequences

This week, historian, ethicist, and infosec pro Davi Ottenheimer (@DaviOttenheimer) takes us through the centuries as we discuss innovation, adoption, and adaptation in society. How do stakeholders react when confronted with a game-changer like germ theory? When market forces support the status quo-- even if it's dangerous-- what does it take to change directions? Are rules and regulations effective ways to get stakeholder buy-in?

Episode II
Vendors and Users and Lawyers—Oh my! Who’s Who in the Technology Ecosystem

In this episode, host Ariel Robinson speaks with the Atlantic Council’s deputy director of the Cyber Statecraft Initiative Beau Woods and Popular Science tech reporter Kelsey Atherton to figure out who’s who in the technology ecosystem, and just how innovations—or disruptions—occur. It is a little tricky (don’t worry-- there will be diagrams), but in the end, there are things every stakeholder can do to improve the overall safety of the technology ecosystem.

Episode I
What is The Tech Effect, and why do we have to talk about it?

Ariel Robinson introduces her new radio show on ITSPmagazine - The Tech Effect. Scheduled to air roughly every Wednesday on ITSP Radio, Ariel shares her vision for her show with co-founders Marco Ciappelli and Sean Martin.

“This is The Tech Effect: the complacency driven by the complexity of the technology ecosystem, and a rejection of responsibility for individual and collective safety, security, and ethics. It’s time to take charge of our digital future.”
- Ariel Robinson


Additional Resources

Atlantic Council Discussion on Cybersecurity with Ariel Robinson

The Atlantic Council held a forum examining cybersecurity issues. Analysts looked into technical solutions to protect against hacking and policymakers' ability to create workable legislation.

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