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The Privacy Pact

An ITSP podcast series with Debra J. Farber

"Despite what many people claim, privacy is certainly not dead. On the contrary, it has never been so alive."



It's all about trust!

Here is where we discuss how data privacy, information governance, and technology truly intersect. We'll explore what privacy really means in the age of big data, IoT, and AI. We will focus on practical ways to maintain control over our personal data while encouraging organizations to collect and use our data responsibly.

We'll delve into current public policy and technical issues around data protection, explore how to transition into a data privacy career, and discuss practical ways in which we can apply privacy-by-design (PbD) principles to new technologies as they emerge and are implemented across industry sectors and regulatory regimes to engender consumer trust. 

But wait! There's more. Through this podcast show, we will bring awareness to everyday risks to your personal information, what you can do to mitigate those risks, and how to talk to kids about good data hygiene practices and how to stay safe online. 

As evidenced by the booming data protection industry, privacy is certainly not dead! It's very much alive and thriving. 

- Debra J. Farber

Conversations From Black Hat USA 2017

Debra discusses privacy with the upcoming GDPR regulation, and Diversity, with RSA's CMO Holly Rollo

Craig Young from TripWire talks with Debra Farber about Android TV device security and privacy

A lot of the security and privacy settings we’ve come to know and expect on our Android phones doesn’t seem to be carrying over to Android TV devices available to buy today. In most cases, the device you buy online may never see an official update from its vendor. This doesn’t mean it won’t get updated - the team at TripWire found that these devices are vulnerable to compromise such that they could be maliciously updated with new firmware, turning on the camera and the microphone - essentially for surveillance purposes.

That cause you to pause a bit? It should. Listen to this conversation between The Privacy Pact's Debra Farber, during Black Hat 2017 in Las Vegas, as Craig Yound from TripWire's Vulnerability Research Team looks at these IoT security privacy challenges we face as a society.

What if you could analyze data while they are encrypted?

Debra Farber, host of The Privacy Pact, met with Ellison Anne Williams, CEO and Founder at Enveil during Black Hat 2017 in Las Vegas. Enveil focuses on securing data while it is being used within business process and not on the data at rest.

Analyzing data without decrypting it is a technology developed for NSA, and it is called Homomorphic encryption; amongst the other things, how does this technology play with the upcoming GDPR?

Listen and find out.

Will the GDPR be a forcing factor for how companies operate their websites? Chris Olson explains.

Aside from the scary penalties and the costs associated with achieving compliance, GDPR has a lot of positives.

GDPR will become a forcing factor for organizations to pay closer attention to how their data is collected, traded, and managed. During Black Hat USA 2017, Debra Farber, host of The Privacy Pact, talks with Chris Olson, CEO of The Media Trust. He suggests that ultimately, GDPR will drive consumer trust in the right direction. Companies can take better control over their data ecosystem, where up to 75% of their web environment is driven by 3rd party code and services.

Debra Farber chats with Chad Holmes from EY about cybersecurity, privacy, and safety

From the halls of Black Hat USA 2017, Debra Farber, host of The Privacy Pact on ITSPmagazine, talks with Chad Holmes, Partner/Principal and Cyber Chief Technology, Strategy and Innovation Officer from EY about filling the cybersecurity talent gap. They also discuss trends in privacy and security that EY sees in the industry and Chad also describes innovation around cyber safety in society.

Debra's Chronicles

Recent Episodes


Episode IV

No more FUD! Effective Tactics for Communicating Complex Privacy & Security Issues

Debra Farber had a lively discussion with Melanie Ensign, Head of Privacy & Security Communications at Uber, Board Member at Women in Security & Privacy, and Lead Press Goon for DEF CON, about the effective tactics for messaging complex privacy and security issues internally and to the public at large. How can organizations earn and keep trust? Is there more than just compliance? Tune in to find out.

Episode III
Voter Privacy, How List-building Data in The Digital Age Can Become A Surveillance Tool

Nuala O'Connor, President & CEO of the Center for Democracy and Technology sits down with Debra Farber, Host of The Privacy Pact, to discuss voter privacy, ways in which list-building can serve as a means of surveillance, the important role that institutions play within a democracy, and securing voting technology.

Episode II
How Can We Design For Trusted Experiences In The Digital Ecosystem?

Ilana Westerman, CEO of digital strategy, design, and research firm, Create with Context chats with ITSPmagazine's Debra Farber about designing for trust. She opines on what creates trusted experiences, why it's so hard to create transparency, what we can learn from the ad industry, and why current control dashboards don't give people real choice.

Episode I
What Is "The Privacy Pact," And Why We Really Need It

Debra Farber introduces her new radio show on ITSPmagazine - The Privacy Pact. Scheduled to air roughly every Tuesday on ITSP Radio, Debra shares her vision for her show with co-founders Marco Ciappelli and Sean Martin.

"Despite what many people claim, privacy is certainly not dead. On the contrary, it has never been so alive."

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