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The New Factor

An ITSP column and podcast series with Chenxi Wang

"Every few years there comes a disruptor, a company or an entrepreneur who leads the charge and disrupts existing industries with new ideas and innovative approaches. Behind every disruption, there is a story that shaped the journey from an idea to an established business. I want to explore that story in this podcast: the idea, the entrepreneur, the investor and the journey"

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The New Factor is a podcast that focuses on emergent and disruptive technologies in the security industry.

Hosted by Dr. Chenxi Wang, the show features in-depth interviews with those that blaze new trails for cybersecurity. We interview innovators, investors, and entrepreneurs who bring game-changing technologies that fundamentally reshape the way we view security threats or tackle security challenges. We discuss why transformational changes happen, how to bring them about, and where the next wave of disruption will come from for the cybersecurity industry.

Tune in for a new episode every time that Chenxi gets inspired.

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Recent Podcast Episodes

Episode I | Prologue

Chenxi Wang introduces her new ITSPmagazine column and podcast series, The New Factor

Chenxi Wang brings her academic research and market analysis expertise to ITSPmagazine with her new column, The New Factor. Hear her - in this introductory podcast with ITSPmagazine Co-Founders Sean Martin and Marco Ciappelli - describe some of the trends she will be exploring, technologies she will be dissecting, and innovation journeys she will be following... all with the aim of identifying disruptive technologies that move us beyond what she calls "the new cyber reality."

Conversations From Black Hat USA 2017

Upcoming Podcast Episodes

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