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Government and private enterprise demand the best and brightest to protect the technological infrastructure we all depend on, but as daily headlines of costly data breaches make painfully obvious, the cybersecurity talent supply is lacking. This puts a spotlight on IT security education: How will our academic institutions prepare the next generation of infosec warriors?

ITSPmagazine explores what happens at the intersection of IT security and society – a complex space where the stakes are no less than our freedom and enjoyment of life. Many factors impact this dynamic relationship between people and technology, but one thing is clear: This crossroad will be heavily shaped by what happens in academia.

In ITSPmagazine’s new column, The Academy, we will feature stories by cutting-edge IT educators, leading industry experts, and students who will offer insights to those seeking to navigate the mercurial field of cybersecurity. Questions abound: What are employers looking for? How do students and active professionals stay current? Do certifications matter? How are students of varied disciplines being recruited? Contributors to The Academy will deliver unique perspectives in response to these questions and more, equipping infosec students with the tools they’ll need for satisfying careers as they meet an urgent need in our society.   

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