Power To The People - Knowledge Is Power | A Live Experts Panel At Black Hat


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Debra J. Farber

Host of The Privacy Pact on ITSPmagazine



Chris Roberts Circle.jpg

Chris Roberts

Chief Security Architect at Acalvio Technologies

Dr. Christopher Pierson

CSO and General Counsel at Viewpost

Arun Vishwanath

Associate Professor at SUNY Buffalo | Black Hat Presenter

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There’s so much more to our connected world than just the latest cool and convenient gadget.

There are data-generating and -capturing sensors on these gadgets. There are data-collection capabilities in the apps that control these gadgets. There are cloud services analyzing the data to make recommendations and even decisions for us. There are systems mashing data together to figure out what like-minded people are doing and why.

As a society, we continue to blindly focus on the capabilities that these new products and services provide, without being interested in – or even aware of – the subject of security and safety.

Why is this? Do we simply not care? Do we naively assume it will never happen to us, only to the other guy or to large corporations? Do we just get too overwhelmed with all the technical mumbo jumbo (multi-factor what? VP-who?)?  Or do we simply not understand how things work and expect someone else (businesses, government) to take care of it for us?

Imagine if we behaved this way when it came to vehicle safety. Most people will not drive in a car without fastening their seatbelt.  We don’t have to ask the car dealer to add seat belts (or brakes or bumpers, for that matter) and there aren’t different types of seat belts available in the commercial automobile industry. Cars just come with seat belts - period - and we expect them to always be there,even if some people choose to not wear them.

Regardless of the reason for the lack of conversations about cybersecurity, we should all be able to agree on one simple fact: we use all these gadgets and services with little to no regard of the risks we face when it comes to  our privacy and our safety.

During this expert panel, we’ll explore these topics and more as we ask some very difficult, yet enlightening, questions. This is a must-attend session if you want to:

  • Learn to ask the question: is this thing secure?
  • Understand what the response to this question means and how or why it is or isn’t safe to use.
  • Identify your role in your own cyber safety and that of those around you.

When it comes to personal cybersecurity, it’s time to open our eyes and understand that knowledge is power!

Be sure to join us for this thought-provoking and educational session.

We are planning to have many other webinars and podcasts about Cyber Security for small business. We will let you know about these events as well.

It is time to join the conversation!