Listen to Paul San Soucie And Learn About The Many Social Media Cyberthreats That Schools And Universities Face

In this 3-part series, Paul San Soucie explores the complex intersection of information security, social media, marketing, and cybercrime.


Part 1 of 3: Paul San Soucie sheds some light on the social media cyberthreats schools and universities face

Paul San Soucie, with nearly 2 decades of experience working in the information security industry, chats with ITSPmagazine’s Sean Martin to shed some light on the cyberthreats schools and universities face as a result of the widespread use of social media. Leveraging his experience with encryption technologies, social media, the dark web, and collaboration with law enforcement to prevent cybercrime before it happens. Paul describes how behavioral analytics can be applied to historical social media content to identify the types of threats faced by students and faculty, giving us some interesting insights into how threats are identified and false claims and false positive are weeded out.

Part 2 of 3: Paul San Soucie chats with ITSPmagazine about the impact social media can have on businesses

Even companies that aren’t running an online business can have serious negative effects on their business from their customers that do. In this part 2 of 3 series, Paul San Soucie chats with ITSPmagazine's Sean Martin to discuss the impact social media can have on business and how a lack of data integrity can change the direction of a cyber investigation. When it comes to social media as a means to conduct cyber extortion... do you know who your adversaries are?

About Paul San Soucie

Paul San Soucie has been in the information security field for 19 years as a cyber security researcher and consultant.  His primary focus is on cyber security and social media monitoring.

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