Looking for Diversity at Black Hat 2017

By Selena Templeton, Host and Editor of Diverse IT

In anticipation of the Black Hat USA 2017 conference in Vegas, I made a list of diversity-related sessions I wanted to attend  –  and had to check it twice! There are only three sessions that have to do with diversity, all of them are about women, and one of them is a networking event.

So I diversified my definition of diversity and included sessions, briefings and panels that had a human element, like Real Humans, Simulated Attacks (which sounds like my Kung-Fu class for beginners), and Garbage In, Garbage Out, about machine learning (humans could learn a thing or two about “finding hidden insights without being explicitly programmed where to look”).

Between attending as many sessions as I can from this list, I’ll also be loitering in the halls in hopes of securing interesting interview guests for my podcast show #DiverseIT or for shorter Black Hat sound bites, both of which will appear on ITSPmagazine.

So, if you have something interesting or thought-provoking to say about diversity (which doesn’t have to be confined to women in tech — could be about age, race, neurodiversities, or broader subjects like diverse problem solving or unconscious bias in machine learning, etc.), please submit a request to meet via our Black Hat 2017 Podcast Interview Request Form.

I’ll see you at Black Hat USA 2017  – and remember: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas...until it is published on ITSPmagazine, that is!


Making Diversity a Priority in Security - Panel

Wednesday, July 26 I 15:00-16:00 I Level 3, Banyan ABC

Speaker: Kelly Jackson Higgins, Executive Editor, DarkReading




Wire Me Through Machine Learning - Briefing

Wednesday, July 26 | 10:30am-10:55am | Lagoon DEFJKL

Speakers: Ankit Singh, Vijay Thaware






Queercon Black Hat Mixer

Wednesday, July 26  | 16:00 | Palm Foyer, Level 3

Queercon is the largest social network of LGBTQ hackers from around the world.



Peer-to-Peer Mentoring and Networking Event

Thursday, July 27 I 14:30-15:30 I Banyan D, Level 3

Presented by WISP



Why Most Cybersecurity Training Fails and What We Can Do About It - Briefing

Thursday, July 27 | 11:00am-11:50am | Mandalay Bay GH

Speaker: Arun Vishwanath




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