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"Along with death and taxes we now have technology and what you don't know will, without doubt, bite you in the ass. I'm here to help you defend your derriere."


Tune in for a new episode, almost every Thursday.

Welcome to my New Gearhead column on ITSPMagazine.

For those of you who don't know (which may well be the majority of sentient life in the universe), I've been a columnist, author, and blogger in the information technology industry for over 30 years. Up until May 31st this year I had been writing (for exactly, to the day, 24 years!) for Network World, an IDG publication. But, alas, IDG was acquired and new management plans laid off most of the staff as well as external contributors including myself. Thus it was that my Gearhead column, which I'd been writing for 17 years, packed its bags, cleaned out its office drawers, and migrated to its new home here on ITSPmagazine.

If you've not read my musings before, you'll find that I've a lot of my writing has been about deep technical issues involving the Internet of Things, communications protocols, and other really nerdy stuff.  Here in the New Gearhead, I'm keeping it at a high level so we'll be focusing on security issues and IT strategies coupled with a bit of opinion and the occasional tirade about government legislation and policies that impact our digital lives. Underlying those lofty goals I'm particularly focused on raising information security awareness in small and medium sized business. Why? Because what you don't know is what will destroy your business. I'm here to help you save yourselves.

Tune in for a new episode, almost every Thursday. 

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Episode I | Prologue

After 17 years, Gearhead has a new home. Let us introduce you Mr. Gearhead himself.

Mixing the opinion elements captured in his Backspin column and the tech elements from his Gearhead column, veteran InfoSec expert, author, and journalist, Mark Gibbs, brings his new column - The New Gearhead - to ITSPmagazine! In this interview with ITSPmagazine co-founders, Sean Martin and Marco Ciappelli, Mark describes the types of articles he will be bringing to the table, including his focus on raising information security awareness in small and medium sized businesses.

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