Equal Respect

From 5th century Greek mathematician Hypatia to 21st century Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg (the most powerful woman in technology according to Forbes), women have been contributing to the world via technology and science for as long as these subjects have been around. And yet females represent just 11% of this industry, which indicates that the tech and information security field is not evolving at the same pace as general diversity practices.

Enough has been said about what is wrong with the lack of diversity. 

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The mission of our Equal Respect column for ITSPmagazine is to take a direct and more solution-oriented approach by providing a platform for this cause – to give a voice to the thoughts, actions, ongoing efforts and, of course, victories – because knowledge precedes improvement. Here you’ll find stories about the discrimination and triumphs that women face, glimpses into the work they do to improve this world, and their advice to girls and young women on starting a career in this field.

And though Dr. Chenxi WangSelena Templeton and the ITSPmagazine team started this Equal Respect column with women in mind, we have been expanding into the many areas of diversity that our readers and contributors want to take us. So in addition to gender, we will explore diversity across age, race, religion, disabilities, sexual orientation, and neurodiversity to see how these different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives leads to a happier workplace, stronger economy and better world. If you have an inspiring story to tell, we want to hear it.

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