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[Formerly Equal Respect]

We all know about the lack of diversity in the technology industry. Lately, everybody’s been talking about it, but who is actually walking the talk?

On our Diverse IT podcast, you'll find a wide variety of IT and InfoSec professionals sharing their experience, knowledge and, most importantly, inspiration to help truly advance diversity in cybersecurity and technology.

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Our belief is that since people of all races, ages, genders, sexual orientations and neurodiversities use technology, the same diversity should be involved in the building, programming, hiring and securing of said technology. The stats show that different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives lead to a happier workplace, stronger industry and better world.

The mission of our Diverse IT podcast is to take a direct and more solution-oriented approach by providing a safe platform for this cause. Through conversational interviews, we aim to give a voice to the thoughts, ongoing efforts and victories of all our guests – because knowledge precedes improvement.

Though Selena Templeton, Dr. Chenxi Wang and the ITSPmagazine team started this column as 'Equal Respect,' which focused on women in cybersecurity, we have been expanding into the many areas of diversity, not to mention the many formats such as podcasting on which to present it, that our readers and contributors want to take us.

If you have an inspiring story to tell, we want to hear it on ITSPmagazine’s Diverse IT podcast!

Shea McHugh shares her experiences of not facing gender inequality in the tech industry

Fresh off the Women In Security panel at the ISSA-LA Summit, Shea McHugh chats with ITSPmagazine’s Selena Templeton about her unique experience of not experiencing gender discrimination in the tech industry. As the only security analyst at Intermax Networks, she can also boast that 100% of her security team is female. Shea discusses why her company manages to attract such a diverse and talented team, the positive and negative aspects of the hiring process, and the most common question she gets asked about getting into the security field.

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