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We can all agree that technology has had a tremendous impact on our society and our everyday lives. Most of the time, we find it has made our lives easier; sometimes, however, not so much. The average tech consumer does not know how their gadget works nor what it takes to bring them the digital experience they've grown to expect. What matters to most is that their "things" are easy to use, convenient, efficient, and, more recently, ‘secure’.

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IT security is what we discuss here on ITSPmagazine - it is what we care about. However, we don't care for the sake of security itself; there are plenty of great publications that speak to those details. Rather, what we dearly care about is the synergistic relationship between InfoSec and our daily lives.

In the new ITSPmagazine column, An InfoSec LifeLarry Jaffee and team take things deeper, exploring the intersection of society and technology. Here you'll find InfoSec professionals explaining how they view the work they do, how it impacts humanity, and vice versa. The mission of the column is to humanize the technology and processes that IT Security Professionals employ as they have devoted their livelihoods to protecting the world’s systems and information. We’ll find out what keeps them up at night, and how they tackle new challenges on a daily basis. What drives them to impact society through technology? It's all here in An InfoSec Life.

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